Training overview

Training contents will entail: Duties and responsibilities, cultural values and knowledge, patrolling, searching, Intel gathering, dealing with emergencies, H&S, legislation and policies, crime scene presentation and dealing with evidence, community relations, communication and reporting skills, avoiding conflict and reducing risk, (role plays and scenarios), physical fitness, post incident considerations and learning from conflict, assignment to security duties, appearance, attitude and conduct, use of communication equipment, basic reporting and verbal communications, procedures to be used to notify the Police of criminal activity or emergency, Control Room Operations.

training detailes

Enlisted Training


Ekiti State Security Network Agency (AMOTEKUN) is inclined towards building men with adequate information and training on a wide range of security operations. To achieve this, Ekiti State Security Network Agency (AMOTEKUN) had included in her initial basic training various subjects which are designed to run for a period of 4 weeks. Refresher courses and other security related workshop are designed for the employee of the company.

Advanced Training

Service members explain what service means to them as well as their proudest moments.


See a sampling of the types of training available to service members with highlights